11 Best Youtube Affiliate Programs 2020

11 Best Youtube Affiliate Programs 2020

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular and lucrative platforms. It is a promising resource for goods promotion and affiliate marketing. What affiliate offers are worth noticing?

According to 2019 statistics, 1.9 billion people use YouTube worldwide: such a huge reach allows affiliates working with this platform to increase substantially their bank accounts. However, YouTube affiliate marketing has its specific nature and features that should be taken into account.

First off, you should register your own YouTube channel and attract as many subscribers as possible. It is crucial because advertisers are interested in active channels with a formed audience. Affiliates should generate traffic of their videos so that users click on affiliate links and conduct potentially monetized actions.

A widely promoted channel can be registered in one of the YouTube affiliate programs. Which of them offer beneficial conditions and guaranteed rewards to affiliates?

11 Best Youtube Affiliate Programs

1. Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates

One of the most popular affiliate programs for YouTube channel owners. The website provides a huge range of goods while purchases are made there by users of different ages, from different countries, and with various interests. Thus, the affiliate program can be useful even to publishers without a certain niche.


  • a popular resource;

  • a great choice of sectors and products;

  • high season earnings (e.g. during Christmas holidays).


  • complicated and controversial rules;

  • divergent fees, their rates depend on goods.

To partner with Amazon, you need your own YouTube channel full of high-quality content. Filling out a form, webmasters should explain how they drive traffic.

2. Airbnb AffiliateAirbnb Affiliate

The Airbnb website helps people from different parts of the world to book accommodation for travel. This niche product will be interesting and profitable to affiliates who have their own YouTube channels dedicated to traveling and peculiarities of different countries.


  • a popular resource with a solid reputation;

  • two types of affiliate programs (guest and host ones)


  • high competition in travel goods and services;

  • no data on fixed fees.

Despite the severe competition in this sector, it allows to gain a decent level of income, especially when webmasters have a popular travel channel with many subscribers.

3. eBay Part NetworkeBay Part Network

One of the largest online chain stores gladly cooperates with affiliates, including those working via YouTube. The main benefit of eBay is that the resource has credibility on the market, which is quite significant for high conversion rates and overall earnings. Being confident in the quality of products and services, customers frequently follow the links.


  • high fees;

  • double payment for new affiliates within the first three months;

  • bonuses for new clients.


  • cookie is valid for only 24 hours;

  • complex rules;

  • diverse fees for different types of goods.

The most profitable way to earn on the YouTube eBay affiliate program is to select a specific niche with a well-defined audience.

4. TripAdvisor AffiliateTripAdvisor Affiliate

The resource renders content for people who are going to travel. It contains feedback about venues, hotels, and routes. Information is aimed at a broad audience, thus owners of any channels can join the YouTube affiliate program. Affiliates obtain a reward when users click on a commercial link on the TripAdvisor website.


  • high fees;

  • anyone can submit an application;

  • a highly reputed brand.


  • a competitive environment;

  • confusing rules;

  • no guarantee that users will click on a commercial link on the website after entering TripAdvisor from YouTube.

A registration process is simple, which is a great advantage for beginning affiliates with small channels.

5. Shopify AffiliateShopify Affiliate

The platform provides e-commerce tools: software, apps, and themes. It allows to design online shops of any size and earn on affiliate marketing. Paid subscriptions to Shopify services are refereed to niche products.


  • affiliates can use video lessons, tools, and automated purchase funnels;

  • high fees amounting to 100% for each referral;

  • a payment limit is one sale.


  • 30 days – a too short cookie period for this kind of sales;

  • deep link development challenges.

To join the affiliate program, publishers will require their own active YouTube channel with real subscribers: all applications by potential partners are moderated.

6. Movavi AffiliateMovavi Affiliate

A user-friendly and popular software for video editing and conversion. Not only does the resource help channel authors to improve their content, but it also offers interesting conditions for affiliate marketing earnings. Affiliates’ goal is to promote the program among their viewers.


  • a product for a broad audience;

  • 30%–50% of fees.


  • To gain a high fee, you should keep a high level of sales.

  • The program can be promoted using video lessons and reviews on the YouTube channel.

7. Twitch AffiliateTwitch Affiliate

A streaming platform uniting gamers across the globe offers favorable cooperation terms. Twitch allows to earn on bits represented by virtual goods for message sending, paid items, as well as audience’s subscriptions and game sales.


  • the user-friendly registration and minimum conditions for entering the program;

  • several withdrawal methods, including PayPal.


  • a payment waiting period is two months;

  • a high withdrawal limit – $100.

Twitch Affiliate will be appropriate to gaming content developers. They can engage a vast audience in their Twitch account and monetize its actions using YouTube.

8. Adobe AffiliateAdobe Affiliate

A global software development and implementation company. Its solutions include apps for editing photos, videos, and texts, as well as webpage creation, etc. The company takes a serious approach to cooperation with affiliates, offering training courses and a high percentage of sales.


  • up to 85% of fees;

  • several types of products at choice (Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, Adobe Document Cloud) for a diverse audience;

  • ordinary registration.


  • a complex adjustment of the affiliate program;

  • different limits of a minimum withdrawal sum for various countries.

Placement of YouTube affiliate links is convenient and beneficial to those preparing video lessons and reviews dedicated to the application of Adobe products.

9. Audible AffiliateAudible Affiliate

Audible focuses on sales of audio books, programs, and other similar content. The product belongs to Amazon. It is extremely popular among the YouTube audience. Affiliates can place an affiliate link on their resources and receive fees for new visitors purchasing the Audible paid subscription.


  • a wide selection of niches;

  • a reputable platform.


  • low fees – $10 maximum for a subscriber and less than $0.5 for book purchase.

This affiliate program is alluring because of the fact that any YouTube channel author can join it.

10. ShopStyle Collective ShopStyle Collective

Affiliates can earn money by promoting goods of online clothing shops. Affiliate links can be placed on beauty, fashion, shopping, and style channels. Pay-offs are based on the СРА model while a fee depends on a seller.

  1. Advantages:
  • high fees;

  • advertising content and widgets for work;


  • fee rates can be unexpectedly reduced;

  • partnership applications are moderated.

It is a perfect option for owners of visual blogs – an Instagram account or a widely promoted YouTube channel.

11. Honey AffiliateHoney Affiliate

A popular browser extension enabling online purchases. It can be excellently promoted on YouTube, especially if affiliates have shopping or unpacking channels.


  • a huge online reach;

  • a low withdrawal limit – $10.


  • it functions only in the USA, Australia, the UK, and Canada.

Unfortunately, the extension is available only on PC browsers. Therefore, affiliates should not rely on a mobile audience.

How to promote a YouTube channel for affiliate marketing?

You need subscribers to join a profitable affiliate program of the YouTube channel. With affiliate applications being frequently moderated, you should always increase the number of viewers. Well, how to create high-quality content and promote a channel?

  1. YouTube account. The registration takes five minutes. Authors can immediately load content, edit videos, and get access to analytics.

  2. Video processing software. The simplest and, most importantly, free product is Windows Movie Maker. It can cope with shot cutting and splicing, as well as a sound level adjustment. Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier are used for completed effects.

  3. High-quality equipment. Video processing requires a decent camera and a powerful computer. Poor PCs will slow down content processing while videos will be hard to assemble.

  4. Memory. A hard drive of at least 2 TB will come in handy to store all video sources. It is primarily relevant to those shooting long reviews and taking care of the image quality.

  5. A microphone and a webcam. They are essential to create interactive videos catching the audience.

One of the crucial points is to determine niches, the audience, and select several appropriate YouTube affiliate programs. Defining these aspects, you will know what content should be posted on your channel and how to introduce it.

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