2020’s Top Innovations and Trends in Global Online Gambling

2020’s Top Innovations and Trends in Global Online Gambling

Online gambling is rapidly developing: the amount of operators grows year by year. It results in severe competition and encourages casino owners to advance and offer new sets of services.

Top successful global trends in online gambling

What global gambling trends will be relevant in 2020? What should operators take into account to save long-standing customers and attract the new ones? Let’s examine the main trends in 2020.

Must-have website adaptation to mobile devices

Statistics shows the increasing number of people playing in online casinos on their smartphones. Portable devices become more and more popular while the Internet is accessible even in remote areas. Players had to visit computer clubs 10 years ago, but everything became much simpler by now.

User needs have increased as well. A simple game with standard graphics is old hat. Developers do their best to create eye-catching unique mobile games and apps. Gambling business owners desiring to keep leading positions should add mobile versions. At the same time, website features should be excellent like in desktop versions.

Games for the female audience

Games for the female audience

Currently, there are casinos for women: 888Ladies, Pink Casino, Maria Casino. All games are selected in accordance with client preferences while the most active audience is women aged 25-35 years. Slot characters in female gambling are well-known serial protagonists, movie stars and pop singers.

According to statistic data, 40% of ladies regularly visit casinos in the USA and 50% in the UK.

The growing online casino popularity among women stems from the fact that they can express their wishes more freely and have fewer household chores.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain in online casinos

Blockchain technology is appealing to gambling business owners and is one of the top main successful trends in online.

Its advantages:

  • An open source code: developers and users can change it at their own discretion, but this process is transparent. Therefore, blockchain is able to ensure the highest level of transaction security.

  • Operations are conducted without third parties, which significantly reduces transaction fees.

  • All financial deals are as short as possible while banks sometimes need several days because of carrying out transactions at certain hours. Besides, remittance delays also occur when payers and recipients are in different time zones.

  • All transactions are anonymous; user private data is protected from hackers.

  • The system records transactions, preventing controversial points of settlements between casinos and players.

  • Technology does not imply a single point for collecting and controlling all the data: information is equally owned by all process participants.

Levon Nikoghosyan, СЕО at PartnerMatrix, believes that cryptocurrency transactions will become one of the key online gambling trends. The expert predicts that a lot of major operators will entirely shift to digital currencies.

Innovative technology promotion

Innovative technology promotion

Online casino owners should extensively adopt new technologies in order to occupy upper ranking spots in 2020. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality provide great opportunities for immersing online resource customers into active gaming.

Nowadays, operators can find out what users like based on statistics collection and offer them appropriate novelties. Gambling addicts and swindlers are cut off. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow to detect when users start losing interest in games and keep them on the website.

Chatbots immediately responding to players’ questions are gaining momentum, decreasing labor costs and eliminating the human factor. AI is able to play poker instead or visitors, creating an illusion of a real person sitting at the table. It definitely makes the process more intriguing.

Despite the fact that VR technology is not yet widely used in online casinos, more and more websites are applying it. This solution helps gamblers to dip into the atmosphere of real casinos due to visual, sound and other effects.

Stricter rules of gambling venue operations

While some countries are legalizing online gambling businesses, others are toughening measures for regulating this activity.

In 2019, certain countries legalized gambling and others took measures for restricting activities of betting shops and other gambling facilities.

Online casinos in Belarus started gaining traction in 2019 because of Russia’s ban on them. Currently, the country permits lotteries, betting shops, online and land-based casinos, slot machine halls and sports betting.

Ukraine is going to adopt Bill No. 2285-d in 2020, introducing legalization of casinos, betting shops, gambling venues and online poker. Experts stress the necessity of gambling legalization aiming to improve the country’s economy.

The USA allows games of chance in all states, save for Hawaii and Utah.

Armenia adopted the law limiting gambling advertising last year, and the UK imposed obligatory requirements making online casino clients pass the identification.

Experts suggest that several other countries will legalize gambling houses in 2020, substantially expanding business opportunities.

Live casino evolution

Live casino evolution

Live casinos are a relatively new gambling area. Games are conducted by dealers staying in special studios with professional lighting and sound equipment. Players can communicate with them in the chat. Croupier’s every movement is recorded by cameras placed in different angles of the room so that players can see all of them.

Real-life communication allows website visitors to experience real casino environment where they can talk to game partners and dealers. They can enjoy blackjack, poker, roulette, and other games of chance without leaving home. Due to the minimum bet of five dollars, even clients with a limited budget can try their luck. Live casinos also have a jackpot like online ones.

Live casino services are available on PCs and mobile devices. The only condition is the steady Internet connection for seamless broadcasting.

Live casinos will be even more popular in 2020. Resources with live dealers and a large variety of live games will definitely succeed.

Affiliate program development

All companies look for partners, task performers and additional resources to grow and advance businesses. To boost website traffic and revenues in 2020, venues should focus on establishing contacts and raising extra investments.

The development of an affiliate program on mutually beneficial terms is one of the factors ensuring profit enhancement. Mutual advertising, affiliate links and additional services are able to acquire and retain online casino customers. The most critical issues include transparent interaction with partners and fair competition encouraging the industry growth.

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