Are You a Webmaster? Get a Free Ticket to Greece Gambling Conference 2021

Are You a Webmaster? Get a Free Ticket to Greece Gambling Conference 2021

Are you a webmaster specializing in driving quality traffic? Don't miss the opportunity to get your free ticket to Greece Gambling Conference 2021 on October 13 in Athens.

To register to the event, fill out the form in the special section on the website. A ticket will be sent to the specified email, giving the right to attend the event for free.

Why it is worth joining the conference

Greece Gambling Conference 2021 is an event about the specifics of conducting a gambling business in Greece and the peculiarities of industry regulation at the legislative level.

The event will unite top Greek and foreign experts from the gambling industry: casino operators, bookmakers, developers of gambling platforms, lawyers, marketers, SEO specialists and many others.

The main topics that the speakers will address include the nuances and rules of obtaining a license in Greece, the best methods of creating a high-tech gaming service, effective tools for generating traffic and promoting online platforms, the secrets of attracting new players to land-based and online casinos, the global experience in gambling business, etc.

By attending the event, webmasters will have a unique chance to personally communicate with representatives of the gambling industry, as well as directly negotiate mutually beneficial cooperation.

Join Greece Gambling Conference 2021 to learn about the opportunities on the Greek gambling market and get the most benefits of productive networking!

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