Greece Gambling Conference by Smile-Expo: Features and Benefits of Greek Gambling Market

Greece Gambling Conference by Smile-Expo: Features and Benefits of Greek Gambling Market

On April 29, Smile-Expo will hold the first Greece Gambling Conference in Athens. The event is dedicated to the local market features, gambling regulations, and gaming development in the country.

The conference will be useful to gambling business owners, marketing specialists, offline and online casino founders, lawyers, SEO experts and other industry players.

Reasons to organize the event

The gambling industry in Greece started growing rapidly in 2000. Currently, land-based casinos are located in Athens, Patras, Loutraki, Saloniki, Halkidiki, Xanthi, as well as on such islands as Corfu, Rhodes and Syros. The authorities are going to consider licenses for establishing offline casinos in Heraklion, Myconos and Santorini.

Greek legalized iGaming in 2011: back then, the Gaming Control and Supervision Committee (EEEP) provided gambling companies with 24 licenses. This industry is now at the transformation stage: existing companies should undergo relicensing after March 31.

According to the new rules, amendments will be applied to the cost of online licensing, maximum bets on the Web and one-time winning limits. Besides, one will introduce restrictions on online gambling advertising.

Within gambling market reforming, Greece Gambling Conference is designed to discuss all nuances of gambling regulation, examine the specific nature of setting up and promoting gambling businesses, as well as analyze the market prospects after legislative changes.

Conference program

The event will involve Greek and foreign gambling professionals. They will talk about local gambling legislation, highlight efficient ways of attracting casino customers and share foreign case studies of gambling industry regulation.

Speakers will focus on the following issues:

  • peculiarities of the gambling market regulation in Greece;

  • gambling licensing rules;

  • advertising regulation and consumer rights protection;

  • special aspects of establishing land-based gambling venues;

  • attracting the millennials to offline and online casinos;

  • website SEO: methods for keeping online resources in the top rank.

The event will feature a roundtable allowing foreign experts to gain insight into such areas as betting, gambling, online poker and esports. They will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of global gambling markets, as well as express their opinions on the statutory regulation and development of gambling in European countries.

Exhibition area

The exhibition area will present gambling products and services. Event guests will be able to explore cutting-edge solutions, communicate with exhibitors and obtain crucial advice.

Conference tickets

Tickets to Greece Gambling Conference are already available. Accept the early bird special offer and hurry up to buy a ticket at the best price.

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