How to Choose an Online Casino Design: Main Criteria and Trends

How to Choose an Online Casino Design: Main Criteria and Trends

People have been into gambling for millennia. But the high popularity of casinos cannot be explained solely by games. Gamblers return to the gambling venues for an atmosphere that attracts, pleases and makes them come back for new experiences.

The development of technology has prompted some of the players to move from land-based casinos to the online segment. With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, gambling establishments closed for a year, which intensified this trend.

That is why creating the right website is a top priority for online casino owners. An interesting and comfortable platform will always be attractive to customers and outperform the competitors.

Choosing an Online Casino Design: the main criteria

Using a stylish web design, many online casinos have brought the magical aesthetics of land-based establishments to the Internet. In order to hook the player, it is necessary to use not only the intuitive functionality, but also the visual appeal.

Color spectrum. It has long been known that the use of different color combinations can evoke different emotions. For example, red evokes feelings of passion and power, which can attract new and retain regular users. Gold and silver are associated with luxury and wealth, so their integration into online casino design will be effective. Green creates a sense of calm and is associated with nature, so it is better not to use it in gambling.

Most often, online casinos choose hints of black, red and blue. They combine well with each other and are pleasing to the eyes of users.

A quality logo is one of the key elements of a brand. It should convey the impression that online casino seeks to create. If the title is written in elegant italics, this is an indication that the website is offering unique content for VIP clients. The use of lightning, on the contrary will emphasize the excitement and thrill of the games.

Website interface should be understandable even to those players who visit it for the first time. A high-quality online casino design ensures that the sections are always clearly visible, and the buttons are large, noticeable and stand out from the background. You also need to pay attention to:

  • easy management of website functions;
  • large structured selection of games;
  • proper technical support;
  • simple registration.

What template to choose for an online casino

Portals with ready-made design solutions have many complete templates for gambling websites. In order to attract players, when designing a website, you need to adhere to the following criteria:

  • exciting laconic design;
  • slideshow with all promotions, loyalty programs, etc. displayed to players;
  • high-quality photo and video content;
  • professional graphics.

It is also important that the template is flexible and easily changeable. It will allow to quickly make changes in line with new ideas.

The best casino design examples

Mr. Play is an online casino that impresses from the first visit. It has a sleek design that is pleasing to the eye. In addition to the good color scheme – a combination of white and blue, the brand has come up with a funny mustache logo, which creates a personal touch.

Karamba is an online casino with a unique design. The company chose neutral shades of light gray and blue, which does not irritate the visitor. And thanks to bright interesting banners, website does not look boring. Karamba's main logo is an exotic bird, which matches the brand's identity.

Dunder Casino is another example of a neutral color combination. Mostly, it uses dark colors, which creates a special atmosphere on the website. Nevertheless, there are many bright elements in the design with brown, light green, dark blue colors.

So, most modern gambling websites use the main trends in online casino design in 2021 – minimalism, nice-looking colors, a seamless special atmosphere on all pages of the website.


Not all operators take into account the abovementioned factors when developing an online casino design. But by optimizing your website and making a consistent user experience, you can earn customer trust. Maintaining a positive image at the resource is a paramount task, because every visitor should enjoy only the best gaming experience.

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