Join Greece Gambling Conference – a Landmark Event For the Greek Gambling Market

Join Greece Gambling Conference – a Landmark Event For the Greek Gambling Market

On October 13, Athens will host Greece Gambling Conference – an event dedicated to various aspects of successful gambling business in Greece, the prospects for the development of this market and the specifics of its legislative regulation.

Why are we organizing Greece Gambling Conference and who will benefit from attending the event?

The establishment of the gambling industry in Greece took place in the early 2000s. Since that time, land-based casinos have been opened in different parts of the country: Athens, Patras, Corfu, Rhodes, etc. In 2020, some gambling establishments closed or suffered heavy losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have also been changes in legislation.

Thus, the government has introduced a number of restrictions on the advertising of gambling. For online business owners, a new license price was set and the maximum winnings from bets on real and virtual events were determined at € 500,000.

Greece Gambling Conference aims to bring together experts, major industry players and leading companies in the field to review innovations in the regulation of gambling business in Greece and discuss the prospects for further market development.

Event will be useful to:

  • owners of gambling business;

  • operators of online casinos;

  • marketers;

  • lawyers;

  • SEO specialists;

  • developers;

  • arbitrage specialists;

  • webmasters;

  • advertisers;

  • other industry representatives.

Event program

The event will bring together the best Greek and foreign experts in the gambling industry who will make presentations and participate in a panel discussion. They will talk about the changes in the legislation of Greece, analyze effective tools for working with clients, and give recommendations on the launch and development of a gambling business in the country.

Speakers of the conference will include:

  • Carlo Pagan – Former VP of Marketing, European Casino Association.

  • Christina Thakor-Rankin – Game Advisor at 1710 Gaming Ltd.

  • Alina Dumitru – Senior Lawyer at NNDKP.

  • Jakub Kolomičenko – Head of Legal Department at Endorphina.

  • Levon Nikoghosyan – CEO of PartnerMatrix.

  • Nikola Minkov – Founder and CEO of Serpact.

Event will feature presentations on the following topics:

  • Where to generate traffic in 2021 – solutions for Greece.

  • Land based casino: From idea to launch.

  • Peculiarities of obtaining a license in Greece.

  • Attracting millennials to offline and online casinos. Battle for user attention.

  • Peculiarities of regulating the gambling industry in Greece.

Experts will participate in a roundtable discussion, where they will talk about the specifics of different areas of the gambling business: betting, gambling, online poker and esports betting. In addition, they will analyze the pros and cons of the world's gambling markets and examine real examples of gambling regulation in European countries.

Conference demo zone will feature leading Greek and foreign companies presenting their products and services for the gambling business. Representatives of exhibitors will be waiting for guests at each stand, to provide the necessary advice on available solutions.

Tickets to event are already on sale! Join Greece Gambling Conference to learn about the features and prospects of the gambling market in the country.

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