Mining in Poker: 5 Key Advantages

Mining in Poker: 5 Key Advantages

To most users, the word ‘mining’ is associated with cryptocurrency only and has nothing to do with gambling. However, the technology also applies to poker. What is meant by the concept of ‘mining in poke’ and how gamblers can gain significant superiority over other players by using it? Learn from the material.

Mining in poker: What it is and what it is used for

Mining in poker is the process of collecting statistical information about gamblers. In simpler terms, this is an archive of all hands in which the poker player did not participate.

Various websites collect and sell such data on a daily basis. After purchasing a database and uploading it to a tracker, for example, Holdem Manager, Hand2Note or any other, you can find out about all your opponent's vulnerabilities, adjust your game strategy and improve your win rate.

Five great benefits of using poker mining:

  • Table selection is an important part of a successful game. Due to the presence of poker statistics, gamblers have the opportunity to choose the best table and play with weaker opponents and, accordingly, increase their chance of winning. As a rule, players give preference to those tables where there is at least one fish.

  • Studying the field trends – when changing the poker room, online player faces certain difficulties: the new field is different from the previous one, the opponents are unknown. The use of mining minimizes financial and time losses for studying the features of a gambling platform. Thus, moving is as easy and comfortable as possible.

  • Player field analysis – using Hand2Note's Range Research poker tool (available only with an EDGE or PRO subscription), you can examine the entire field of players and identify general trends inherent to the average poker player at a particular limit.

  • Detailed study of opponents – information obtained on the basis of mining allows to determine the style of play and the skill level of a particular poker player, their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Bots detection – researching large databases helps to detect bots and questionable participants in time.

How to get access to mining

There are several ways to get the info on hand histories:

  • The first way is to exchange it for free with the regular of your limit. However, not every poker player wants to transfer the statistics of their own game to potential competitors, especially at the middle limits, where the struggle is much tougher and such decision takes much more time resources.

  • The second method is to receive data from an affiliate; registration in poker rooms brings various pleasant bonuses.

  • The third way is buying information on specialized online resources. They monitor poker rooms on a daily basis and are ready to provide fresh and detailed statistics for all limits. You can get it one-time, or you can sign up for a regular subscription.

  • There are a huge number of websites on the Internet where you can buy the necessary database. They include HHmailer, Smarthand, HHmining, HHsale. The higher the buy-ins and limits, the more expensive it will be for the player to buy information.

As a rule, poker rooms do not allow using the hands history in which the gambler has never participated. Using mining or not is a decision that players make on their own. In practice, poker rooms are technically unable to verify whether a poker player is using this technology. The main thing is not to resort to third-party applications for auto loading mining, not to upload screenshots and videos from the HUD for free access. Thus, the room will not have any unnecessary questions to the poker player.


Poker is an intellectual game where the availability of up-to-date information plays an important role. The more insights, the higher the probability of winning. Mining provides gamblers with valuable information about the opponents. Thus, you can beat the competitors and earn more money.


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